GLOSPi is a Counter-terrorism and Conflict Resolution Think-Tank headquartered in the United Kingdom. Our capable team of experts offers comprehensive context-specific advice and training designed to challenge the dynamism, resilience, and evolution of modern day terrorist threats. These include transnational terrorism, home-grown terrorism and terrorist attacks that demand effective real-time responses in conflict hot spots around the world.

GLOSPi personnel advise Heads of States, Governments, International, Regional and Domestic NGOs on policy initiatives and structural reforms in relation to de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration of formers (Terrorists) into main-stream society. In conjunction with its partners, GLOSPi trains state military's, law enforcement and the wider intelligence community on Strategic and Tactical battle-space combat models.

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The services we offer can be provided in the following languages: English. French. Arabic. Spanish.

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