Our Team

Mr. John Esin - Founder & CEO

F-CET, MSC, LLB, BA (Hons). Expert, Counter-Terrorism & Conflict Resolution.

John Esin is a lawyer and an international expert in Counter terrorism and Conflict Resolution. He specializes in designing strategic and tactical engagement models that counter asymmetric war threats specifically in countries grappling with intractable conflict.

While working with sections of front-line personnel units in West Africa, John learnt to identify tactical paradigms for kinetic battle-field engagement models of non-state armed groups. Knowledge gained from these initial encounters have since defined his career trajectory.

John is a researcher who has technical expertise in the design and implementation of Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism, DDRR (Demobilisation, Deradicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration) and Security Sector Reform (SSR) programmes in post conflict environments. His comprehensive research on the strategic and tactical level drivers of ‘POLITICAL ISLAM’ in communities surrounding the Lake Chad basin and the Sahel provides unique insights into how communities can lower the thresholds of confrontation and raise levels of collaboration in theaters of conflict.

Mr. Zaid Barkhadle - Consultant

BA. Political Economy/Third World Studies, Msc. Terrorist & Counter-Terrorism.

Mr. Barkhadle is a Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) and Preventive Violent Extremism (PVE) Consultant who has worked in several capacities around terrorist hotspots of the Horn of Africa.

He has held key government positions as National Counter-Terrorism coordinator, Chief of Staff - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Special Adviser - Ministry of Natural resources all in Somalia. His main research focus and analysis range from Counter-Terrorism, Organized Crime, Terrorist Financing to preventing youth and prison radicalization.

Mr. Arash Masarrat - Consultant

B.A. Criminology, Msc. Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Mr. Masarrat is a qualified criminologist with a Master's degree in Counter-Terrorism. His research passion is Islamic terrorism with specific geo-strategic interest in the Middle-East and North/West Africa. He has a wealth of experience in Prison Radicalization and as a Parole Officer in the Swedish Prison/Probation System, Mr. Masarrat had several convicted offenders under his supervision.

In the course of his distinguished career, he has acquired valuable skills in Case Analysis, Investigation, Interrogation. As Special Adviser to the Swedish Parole Board, he was responsible for Risk Assessment and for making Recommendations to the board on matters of the De-Radicalization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of offenders into main-stream Swedish society.

Mr. Karl Chittock - Consultant

Bsc. Forensic Sc./Criminology, Msc. Terrorism & Counter- Terrorism.

Mr. Chittock is a qualified forensic scientist and criminologist. He also holds Msc. in Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism. Mentored by some of the most brilliant minds in the field of global Terrorism, he specialises in Left-Wing and Right-Wing drivers of violent extremism.

Mr. Chittock is currently researching the role of the reciprocal extremist theory largely responsible for violent neo-nationalist activism across much of Europe.

Mr. Richard Asiedu, Consultant

Bsc. Security/Risk Management, Msc.Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism.

Mr Asiedu is a seasoned security consultant with a wealth of experience acquired over years of working in the industry. As founder and CEO of The Prosilience Group, his expertise in Soft-Target hardening provides GLOSPi with unique access to indispensable know-how of the connection between Security and Branding.

The context-specific backdrop of our strategic planning model delivers unrivalled excellence and the client satisfaction necessary for successful Provider/Client relationship. As a result of our partnership, we are properly positioned to serve state and non-governmental institutions.

Calibre 3. GLOSPi Partner

Counter-Terrorism & Security Academy, Israel.

Calibre 3 is an Israeli Security Academy made of former and current members of the elite Israeli Defence Force (IDF) - Arguably the most accomplished military force in the world. It specialises in training the military, law enforcement and other security apparatuses of the Nation States and those of the Regional Joint Task Force transitioning them from the outmoded traditional form of warfare to irregular models more suited to asymmetric conflicts favoured by the Global Jihadi Network (GJN).

Our training format informs a necessary devolution of 'Top Sight' from Central Command to battlefield combatants giving them tactical Command/control decision-making capabilities and snuffing out the stifling bureaucracy of bogus conventional formations.

Troop formations focus on deploying small, dispersed, diffuse, networked manoeuvre units equipped with light ammunition to engage terrorist adversaries from all directions simultaneously either with fire or in force. These measures are similar to tactics deployed by groups like ISIS, Al-shababb, Boko Haram, ISWAP etc. to overrun (oftentimes) state-actors.