Our Work

Our work covers a broad range of services across the security spectrum which include PVE/CVE, Deterrence and Conflicts Resolution in combat theatres of some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Hard-Power Military Solutions

The very nature of asymmetric conflict informs a disproportion of power between state and non-state actors. Consequently, the state is compelled to respond to coherent strategic, ideologically driven attacks on the terrorist's own terms. These are the only opportunities for the state to test its strategies, tactics, personnel, and policies by which time strategic leverage will have long been conceded to the adversary.

In response, GLOSPi in conjunction with its partners provides experimental tools that undercut these uncertainties by simulating the complexity, chaos and challenges of battlefield incidence while allowing state security forces play out real-life scenarios where mistakes are addressed in a controlled environment.

Our model is a fully facilitated training programme that creates challenging and highly realistic true-to-life conflict situations to "test and trial" critical decisions, procedures and policies for the military, law enforcement and wider intelligence community.

Our partners (Caliber 3) are one of the leading Counter-terrorism and strategic defence academies in the world. Accredited by the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister, the team is made of former and current members of the famous Israeli Defence Force (IDF) with a wealth of experience accumulated over decades of dealing with various kinds of terrorist threats in the Middle-Eastern region. It has a state of the art training facility in Israel but it can travel to a location of the client's choosing anywhere in the world.

Soft-Power Diplomatic Solutions

Repressive measures by state security and joint task forces in regions of conflict often antagonise and isolate communities which are also targets for terrorist groups. In these circumstances, the lack of utilitarian value from these government organs pose a distinct challenge to relationship dynamics in these communities.

At GLOSPi, community engagement programmes assist front-line personnel articulate and manage power dynamics at multiple levels especially when engaging target communities. Revised rules of engagement from these exercises inform fundamental shifts in mindsets, policies, training and the conduct of operations.

GLOSPi's approach to addressing these concerns focuses on creating controlled spaces for Military/Civilian interaction where "Anonymized Briefings" initiate entry points to honest and constructive dialogue. In our experience, this is often the key to successful corporate strategic or policy development, training programme or lesson- learning event.